rule of thumb

In the Poison Dart Frog hobby, it is  generally understood that you don’t mix frogs from different locations. Even more so, you should never allow frogs from different locations to breed and produce hybrids. I think these are pretty standard rules for breeders of any animal. Otherwise you end up with too many mutts on the street.

So what does that mean for imitators? Sure, the species has been defined, but there are many morphs, and some of those may be mutts, even if we know where in Peru they come from. Nominals and Intermedius are the cheapest imitator morphs in the hobby because the fact is no one knows where they come from (similar in looks to Cainarachi Valley and Chazuta).  Yurimaguensis (similar in looks to Yumbatos) are also from an unknown location, making it on the questionable list. Most are probably hybrids to one degree or another. But if we look at them we can have an idea because they look like the type of frog they imitate.

So let’s talk about imitation. Which frogs are getting imitated?

  • Yumbatos imitate R. Ventrimaculata
  • Caynarachi Valley imitate R. Variabilis
  • Varadero imitate R. Fantasticus
  • Banded imitate R. Summersi

This leaves Bajo Huallaga, Chazuta, and Tarapoto as hybrid morphs from the wild. Cool and distinctly different from the main four, but still hybrids.

~ by Jae Le on February 9, 2011.